Pass Guaranteed!

100% refund if you don’t pass your CMFAS 4A exam

See terms and conditions below

If you have diligently practiced on our questions and was not able to pass the CMFAS 4A exaxm, we will guarantee you a full refund on the price paid for our practice questions! Please see below for the terms and conditions:

  • Your name on the IBF CMFAS 4A results certificate must match your name provided at the point of registration with for the practice questions
  • The date between your last completed practice with and your actual CMFAS 4A exam (date of IBF CMFAS 4A results certificate) must not be more than 15 days apart; and the first practice must be at least 2 days prior to the exam
  • The score on your last logged completed practice with must have been 95% and above
  • You must have turned up punctually for the CMFAS 4A exam on the exam day
  • Your registration with is after 4 August 2019

If you fulfilled all the criteria above and wish to make a claim for the full refund, please send us an email at and attach a photo/scanned copy of your IBF CMFAS 4A results certificate. We will be able to process the full refund within 3 working days upon verification of the details.